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Trickster VR

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Trickster VR

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Scoring three headshots at once, while cutting down a jumping orc mid-flight. Trickster is designed to let you shine. Practice your accuracy and finesse, hunt for the weakpoints and fence the orcish chieftain in this skill oriented fantasy action. Trickster features a procedural level system that lets you visit endlessly different places over three biomes. The game also offers two different game modes and three difficulty levels, so you can pick what type of fun speaks to you the most. Orcs that come equipped with anything, but a lengthy health bar. Each of them packs a special set of moves and skills. You will need all your wits to escape their abilities and land those headshots. But when you do learn to outsmart them, you'll feel like a true warrior. Because, guess what - you just became one.

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