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The Zero Dome

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The Zero Dome

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The Zero Dome. An alien structure on an alien planet. You crash landed here many moons ago, all contact with your home planet cut off. You found yourself in an endless desert, the glinting of the dome catching your eye. The Zero Dome was the only shelter to take from the inhospitable heat of the alien sun. But the dome does not give shelter freely. In return, it asks for you to fight, to play in its barbaric training programs. You must make use of all the tools available to you. Build sprawling structures for navigation and protection, zoom around in zero gravity to avoid the fire of its automatons, and fight firepower with firepower when there is no where left to run. Combining elements of survival games and arcade shooters, The Zero Dome offers a sandbox arcade experience like no other, with the unlimited, fluid motion zero gravity climbing locomotion affords.
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