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Seeking Evil: The Wendigo

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Seeking Evil: The Wendigo

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Seeking Evil: The Wendigo is a fast-paced horror game. You'll find yourself stranded in the forests of North America, you're not alone however, since these haunted grounds are home to a legendary creature called The Wendigo. This bloodthirsty predator is fast, smart, has great senses and will do everything it can to eat you alive. To break the curse you'll need to find and burn nine totems. The more totems you manage to burn the more intense the game becomes. Therefore your best bet is to get from point A to point B as fast as possible, duck down to stay out of Wendigo's sight and use the ank to scan the environment for nearby totems. Simply sprinting until you find the totems will get you nowhere since the Wendigo will see and catch you.

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