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Holodance was the first VR rhythm game shown to the public, mid 2015. Since then, it has evolved from "Dancing with Dragons" with only a few songs specifically produced for the game in its environmentalism themed Story Mode, to also letting you play more than 12,000 songs with over 45,000 hand-crafted high-quality osu! beatmaps in its Free Mode, in almost 20 diverse environments, ranging from a tropical beach or underwater environment with dolphins and whales, to trippy abstract tunnels or asteroid fields. Whether you follow our friendly dragons down the rabbit hole of a potential dystopic future, and get to fistbump Pritvitej along the way, or prefer challenging yourself with high-intensity beatmaps in a Zero Distraction environment and get a nice workout while you're at it - Holodance has you covered. The game even lets you catch those orbs with your head - and if you already have Vive trackers, you can catch them with your feet, too, Kung Fu style.
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