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The release of the first headsets by major players in the virtual reality space – namely Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR – has ushered in a new era of PC and console gaming. VR games, if done right, are not only capable of providing players with a deeper sense of immersion but also with new ways of gameplay. Motion controllers and gaze control, as well as the possibility to explore gaming environments in 360 degrees, rather than following a linear path, make for a different gaming experience that can’t be easily compared with traditional games.

While other review aggregators also cover (some) VR games, vrgamecritic allows users to browse specifically for VR games and VR gaming reviews only. That’s right, while some games are not “VR only games” but offer VR support in addition to regular gameplay, we ensure to only list reviews which have been completed by using a VR headset and/or provide significant insight into the VR version of that said game. You won’t find any non-VR reviews on vrgamecritic.
Our primary focus are dedicated VR PC and console games – these can be “VR only” games, or games which have been developed with VR in mind, providing VR support in addition to traditional gameplay. Generally speaking, we try to track a broad range of VR games on vrgamecritic, from indie to AAA, however, we are first and foremost a site featuring gaming reviews and not a database. As with all emerging technologies, you’ll find a lot of “jumping on the VR bandwagon” games flooding the market – our goal is to track and add games we feel gain most traction and receive attention from users and media.

VRGC Metascore

We generally include reviews of top tier publications which are respected and trusted within the games industry and gaming community. However, since VR gaming is still in its fledgling stage we see a need to also include publications with smaller audiences or a more recent track record of published gaming reviews, e.g. specialist VR media.

A quick checklist of what vrgamecritic believes are relevant reviews:
  • Your publication has a decent audience and is respected by readers and games/VR industry professionals alike
  • You have reviewed the game with a VR headset or dedicate a sizable section of your review to the VR version of a game
  • Your review is helpful and conclusions/opinions-well founded
  • Your publication follows basic journalism ethics and standards
We calculate the average of all scored reviews and display it as our formal VRGC metascore on top of each game page as soon as we have registered at least three scored reviews.

Since VR gaming is still in its infancy and dedicated VR game reviews not as common – often due to a lack of hardware - we decided to display a combined average, our VRGC metascore, for now (incl. Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PlayStation VR reviews). We will monitor the gaming space and adapt our game and score pages if and when it makes sense.

In addition to the VRGC metascore we also display individual headset scores where applicable (based on any number of reviews per headset for a game). These headset scores are for reference only and are not used in formal rankings.
If a game doesn’t display an average score, it means that we either don’t have any media reviews for this game or that we have less than three scored reviews in order to calculate a fair average. Should a game have less than three scored reviews, users can still find the reviews listed in the review section of each game page, displaying the individual score.
Some publications prefer writing game reviews without giving the game a final score. Since a score is not a requirement for providing a helpful analysis and/or opinion of a game, we also track unscored reviews.
We are still a very small team and might not always be able to catch a review “hot off the press”, but we try to add them as soon as possible. Feel free to send us a tip if you see anything missing!
If you know of any relevant VR game review you believe should be added, please send us a tip. Please note that we might not add every game review, you can find more details about qualifying entries .
If you believe your publication is publishing relevant VR game reviews, please get in touch. You can read more about the criteria for qualifying media reviews .


You can report inaccuracies or missing data by contacting us (e.g. a new release date has been announced for game XYZ but the game listing on vrgamecritic doesn’t reflect it). Please make sure to provide a reliable source along with the information, e.g. link to a developer blog or press release etc.
You can let us know about missing games by sending us an email. Please note that we might not add every game, further information about this can be found .
You can email us to report any bugs on vrgamecritic. Please include as much information as possible, so we can reproduce and fix any issues.
We would love to hear from you! Please send us your feedback or ideas.

Game Developers or Publishers

We would love to hear about your projects, even if they are a bit further out in the future. Please get in touch.
Feel free to contact us any time, if you believe information or assets for your game should be updated.

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