Best VR Western-inspired Games – The Wild West awaits


by Team VRGC

Once upon a time in the West a fistful of dollars could easily secure a gun for hire. It was a big country where a few bucks got you a pass on a stagecoach and where expansion was driven by silver and gold rushes. We've taken a look at how the West was won, with the good, the ba… well not so much the bad and ugly, mostly the most interesting Western inspired VR games we could find. Get ready to load up and unleash a bonanza of bullets.

As usual there's plenty to try, from the truly wild and crazy experience that is Guns'n'Stories, to the hilarious stick horses of Hopalong and the highly rated Dead and Buried from the early days of Oculus Touch. As always, we'd love to hear from you in case of titles you deem worthy our lists and if you got an idea for our next "best of" article.

Hopalong: The BadlandsFrom the FutureYesYesYes
Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VRMirowinYesYesN/A
Cold IronCatch & ReleaseYesYesYes
High Noon VROctobox InteractiveYesYesN/A
Dino FrontierUber EntertainmentN/AN/AYes
Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin' GallerySpectral IllusionsYesYesN/A
Dead and BuriedOculusYesN/AN/A

Hopalong: The Badlands

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Hopalong: The Badlands is a VR game where violence and comedy combine with a one-of-a-kind movement system. Hop, skip, or simply wave your stick horse up and down to gallop smoothly through the western landscape filled with the villainous group known as the Dynamite Gang. They are beyond redemption and there is... » Learn more

Guns'n'Stories: Bulletproof VR

TBC RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
Put on a VR device, grab a gun, and hang on to your pantaloons for one heck of a wild n' crazy story heading your way! Dive into your grandfather's memories, who once was an infamous bounty hunter! Relive his glory days full of adventures, but truth be told, he tends to go overboard! The longer you listen to him,... » Learn more

Cold Iron

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Awaken the power of Cold Iron, a demonic pistol possessed by a hungry spirit. Dance with the deadliest duelists in the world's first virtual reality puzzle shooter. Every enemy is unique, every duel is different, and every bullet counts. Explore a variety of worlds and locations, defeat fearsome foes, discover... » Learn more


TBC RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
Get ready to heist banks and rob trains solo or in co-op with friends in Westard. Sneak into a bank and pick a lock or blow up the entire vault wall to pieces! Take the fight to the western streets to decide who controls the town in Robbery or Classic Deathmatch PvP multiplayer modes. Enjoy manual weapon handling... » Learn more

High Noon VR

70 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
High Noon VR is a fun virtual reality shooter where you play as a sheriff in a small town somewhere in the Wild West. Although, things are not doing that well in this town. Hordes of bloodthirsty outlaws terrorize poor peaceful townsfolk and they could be real pain in the neck of a new sheriff. In your neck. So... » Learn more

Dino Frontier

72 PSVR Headset Logo
Dino Frontier lets you build and manage a frontier settlement in a world where the wild west and Jurassic collide. You assume the role of Big Mayor overlooking your settlement in tabletop scale VR. You must carefully balance resources while growing your town. Wild dinosaurs roam the land acting as both dangerous... » Learn more

Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin' Gallery

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"Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin' Gallery" is a thrilling interactive VR horror experience. In this approximately 25 minute scenario, you are exploring an abandoned tourist attraction, The "Ghost Town Mine Ride & Shootin' Gallery", built at the site of the old Black Rock Mines,... » Learn more

Dead and Buried

87 RIFT Headset Logo
Step into a world full of gunslingers and ghosts in Dead and Buried. Grab your Touch controllers and become the best gunslinger in the wild west in this multiplayer action shooter. Battle it out in the old saloon. Rob a runaway train. Team up with other bandits and defend against hordes of ghastly creatures.... » Learn more

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