Best VR Underwater Adventures for Deep-Sea Explorers


by Team VRGC

Vastly unexplored and full of wonders – the world’s oceans have fascinated mankind throughout the ages. What better reason to equip your virtual diving googles and venture into the unknown! Dive to the bottom of the North Atlantic to investigate one of the most historic shipwrecks in Titanic VR, discover marine wildlife and search for the Great White in Operation Apex – or why not explore an alien ocean world and fight for your survival in Subnautica? Finally, those brave enough can journey to the sunless depths of the Pacific Ocean and feel the terror of low oxygen in Narcosis...

Are you ready to dive into our underwater VR game selection?

Titanic VRImmersive VR EducationYesYesYes
Operation ApexCuriscopeYesYesN/A
SubnauticaUnknown Worlds EntertainmentYesYesN/A
NarcosisHonor CodeYesYesN/A

Titanic VR

70 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo PSVR Headset Logo
Diving to the bottom of the North Atlantic, you take on the role of Dr. Ethan Lynch, Associate Professor of Maritime Archaeology at the fictional University of Nova Scotia. With funding from a mysterious investor, Dr. Lynch and his PhD Candidate Jean Robinson have set out aboard a research vessel to dive to the... » Learn more

Operation Apex

TBC RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
Enter the deep and discover the most expansive, fascinating and diverse places on Earth. Dive with the world’s leading marine scientists and take on the role of research assistant with no diving experience needed. Your mission is clear, take your research rig out into the open sea in search of the largest great... » Learn more


81 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
Descend into the depths of an alien underwater world filled with wonder and peril. Craft equipment, build bases, pilot submarines, terraform voxel terrain, and out-smart wildlife to explore lush coral reefs, volcanoes, cave systems, and more - all while trying to survive. » Learn more


74 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
Survival, horror at the sunless depths of the Pacific Ocean: Stranded on the seafloor with low light and few tools, an industrial diver takes desperate steps to surface before his oxygen – and sanity – give out. This first person survival story unfolds from inside a “walking coffin”... » Learn more

Other underwater worlds to explore...

If our top picks aren't enough for you, there are a few more titles which let you explore the ocean, be it with scuba gear, dive pods or even a time machine!

Neptune FluxZoxide GamesYesYesYes
Time Machine VRMinority MediaYesYesYes
World of DivingVertigo GamesYesYesN/A

Neptune Flux

57 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo PSVR Headset Logo
Neptune Flux is a story-driven, open world adventure game set in a sci-fi ocean full of mystery and haunting beauty. The world above the water is a dust bowl and an escape into space is out of reach. Humanity's last hope of survival is the untouched ecosystem of the deep sea, and A.Q.U.A. is the worldwide... » Learn more

Time Machine VR

59 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo PSVR Headset Logo
You are a time-travelling cadet tasked with exploring the Jurassic era and the ancient creatures that once ruled the prehistoric oceans. Things take a turn when melting ice caps in the present unleash an ancient deadly virus that lays waste to humanity… and the key to the cure lies in the extraordinary... » Learn more

World of Diving

TBC RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
World of Diving is bursting with missions and scenarios that will give you an exhilarating multiplayer underwater adventure, in both its single player campaign and multiplayer modes. Track and document the peaceful marine wildlife, deal with malfunctioning and limited gear, survive real world disaster scenarios,... » Learn more
Note: This article entered our VR space 24 Aug 2017 but has since been updated!

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