Best VR Archery Games for Bow Shooting Action


by Team VRGC

If you are fan of archery games you are in luck as we today celebrate the launch of QuiVr. After about two years in early access and receiving more than 500 updates, we can't wait to literally QuiVr-up in the final package. Then there is SACRALITH: The Archer's Tale which has already done very well for itself after receiving an initial batch of very positive critic reviews from some of our expert partners.

Our top list of VR bow shooters includes a range of diverse titles and it keeps reminding us of watching a trick shot video some years back, really amazing stuff – if you google for 'ultimate archery trick' I’m sure you’ll find it amongst the top results. While the art of archery dates back even further, Egyptians were some of the first that took to bow and arrow, and while most of us have never had the chance to give it a go there’s now only a headset between yourself and riches.

oVRshotWindow Licker GamesYesYesN/A
In DeathSólfar StudiosYesYesYes
SACRALITH: The Archer's TaleOdd MeterYesYesN/A
Apex ConstructFast Travel GamesYesYesYes
Twisted ArrowPhaser Lock InteractiveYesYesN/A
HolopointAlzan StudiosYesYesN/A
Elven AssassinWenkly StudioYesYesN/A


TBC RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
In oVRshot you fight head to head against the enemy team with two teammates at your side in nail bitingly fast paced encounters where each mistake is costly. There is no health bar to save you, one hit and you are dead and have to make it back before the enemy claims the objective and victory in the arena. Take... » Learn more

In Death

80 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo PSVR Headset Logo
In Death is a virtual reality shooter with roguelike elements set in the godless afterlife. Battle through procedurally generated levels and dungeons in intense ranged combat, coupled with a unique locomotion system perfectly attuned to your fighting style. Driven by an achievement-based progression system that... » Learn more


TBC RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
QuiVr literally puts the power of the bow and arrow in your hands. Tasked with defending your keep (and the power within) from an ever-advancing enemy, you’ll find yourself in a thrilling fight for your very survival! It won’t be an easy battle - but with steady hands and powerful friends, you’re sure to... » Learn more

SACRALITH: The Archer's Tale

81 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
In SACRALITH: The Archer's Tale you play an archer in a world of dark magic and Inquisition. Don't let your magic abilities fool you - even an invisible warrior may be hunted down and this adventure brings great challenges. The story takes you on a quest for a magic stone that grants power over Dragons. You and... » Learn more

Apex Construct

71 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo PSVR Headset Logo
Travel to the shattered future of Apex Construct, where merciless robots prowl the world as a result of mankind’s reckless experiments. As these synthetic creatures seek to dominate their new hunting grounds, you must use both your wits and combat skills to survive. In this atmospheric first-person action... » Learn more

Twisted Arrow

65 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
Twisted Arrow is a full-tilt, no-holds-barred first-person shooter that gives players adrenaline-packed arcade style gameplay, built from ground-up for virtual reality. Experience urban warfare as never before by immersing yourself in this frenzied fight for survival. Armed with a top secret combat bow, and an... » Learn more


86 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
Holopoint is pure archery madness. Fight your way through waves of responsive targets, samurai, and highly dangerous ninjas - all while drawing, nocking, and shooting your arrows as quickly as possible. » Learn more

Elven Assassin

TBC RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
Take a bow and kill hundreds of orcs of different types that want to get into the elven town and destroy it. As an elven assassin you will make spectacular shots like long distant headshots or you will send lethal arrows through the windows. You can play alone to conquer the leaderboards or unite with other... » Learn more

Weapon of Choice

While not 100% dedicated to pure archery gameplay, bow and arrow make for a fantastic weapon of choice in action fantasy adventure 'Trickster VR', 'The Lab''s Longbow experience and 'Rec Room's Quests. Give it a shot!

Trickster VRTrickster GamesYesYesYes
Rec RoomAgainst GravityYesYesYes
The LabValveYesYesN/A

Trickster VR

65 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo PSVR Headset Logo
Scoring three headshots at once, while cutting down a jumping orc mid-flight. Trickster is designed to let you shine. Practice your accuracy and finesse, hunt for the weakpoints and fence the orcish chieftain in this skill oriented fantasy action. Trickster features a procedural level system that lets you visit... » Learn more

Rec Room

TBC RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo PSVR Headset Logo
Welcome to Rec Room, the virtual reality social club where you play active games with friends from all around the world. Customize your appearance, then party up to play multiplayer games like Paintball, 3D Charades, Disc Golf, and even four player co-op adventures! Or just hang out in The Lounge (free membership... » Learn more

The Lab

80 RIFT Headset Logo VIVE Headset Logo
Welcome to The Lab, a compilation of Valve’s room-scale VR experiments set in a pocket universe within Aperture Science. Fix a robot, defend a castle, adopt a mechanical dog, and more. » Learn more
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