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Best VR Sci-Fi Shooters and Action Games

In keeping with the motto "Fear of death is what keeps us alive", we take a look at the sci-fi genre and in particular action-packed and shooter oriented VR games. Whether you fight for survival on a doomed spaceship, re...

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Galaxis Wars

Set in the year 2120, humans have discovered a race of hostile extraterrestrials we named the Galaxis. Having already killed several of our astronauts, we have dispatched a fleet of drones to combat this threat before it gets out of hand....



In the arcade space shooter Mixip, players are being thrust forward as they control two futuristic ships simultaneously, wielding a Move controller in each...



Spartaga is a bullet hell action arcade game! Jump into a classic genre re-imagined for virtual reality. Motion controls turn your hand into a starfighter,...

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