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Best VR Sci-Fi Adventure and Exploration Games

Do we want to venture into deep space and explore alien planets with creatures that are out of this world? Sign us up! What about getting stuck on a space station in what seems like the ultimate death trap? Hell yeah! In...

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Caretaker Retribution

The stars are going out. A team is sent to find out why. They discover the cause and try to stop it. They don’t make it out alive. Caretaker Retribution is a six degrees of freedom first person shooter set inside a massive alien...


VR Escape the Space Station

In this virtual reality room escape game you play as an astronaut who has to escape from a spaceship. The puzzles within every scene are extremely challenging,...


Elite Encounter

Elite Encounter is a simple VR shoot 'em up game. The goal of the game is to shoot down enemy spaceships with a laser while avoiding being hit by enemy...

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