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Best VR Archery Games for Bow Shooting Action

If you are fan of archery games you are in luck as we today celebrate the launch of QuiVr. After about two years in early access and receiving more than 500 updates, we can't wait to literally QuiVr-up in the final p...

 | Team VRGC

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Hitman GO VR

Hitman GO is a simple to play, but difficult to master turn-based strategy game set in a stunning interpretation of the Hitman universe. You will strategically navigate fixed spaces on a grid to avoid enemies and take out your target or...


Battle Fleet 2

Welcome Admiral! Select your fleet, assign weapons, and sink the enemy fleet by controlling each of your ships down to setting the aim and range of each...


Quar: Battle for Gate 18

Quar: Battle for Gate 18 is a turn-based strategic VR experience set in the grimmsical world of Alwyd. Command cavalry to sweep the enemy's flanks. Send...

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